Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chickens II

I get two eggs a day right now with two laying hens and one about to start, they have deep orange yolks and taste delightful. I would encorage everyone who is able to grow there own eggs.
Red, the production red hen lays the darker egg, Henny Penny (I have no idea what she is, maybe a sex link) lays the pinkish one to the left, and the white one is store bought to show you the contrast.
Henny laid a double yoker last month, a monster of an egg.
This guy was abandoned by a bad neighbor, he survived the 8 degree nights we had this winter and was mean as hell. I sold him on craigslist because he was attacking everyone who came near him and crowed at all hours of the day and night. How he and Red came to live here is a strange story that still gives me nightmares, I'm glad its over, maybe some day Ill reminisce.


Failures and triumphs have happened in the last year, Ive moved twice and can have chickens. Coop building was breeze and cost me all over 6 bucks in hinges as I scavenged everything else.

Simple design, and the chickens seem to like it. Its been holding strong since october of 2010.

And this is Sweet Pea, my newest and house trained chicken, not so much potty trained as in trained to want to roost in the house rather then in the coop, my fault it was cold this winter.