Saturday, June 28, 2008


The idea is to log my projects....all of them, and they are many....animal, vegetable, and mineral.
Some are already in motion and other have not yet begun.

The strange part, the obstacle of it all is where it is all located.

This is my house......before:

And I live with fish, frogs, crabs, a turtle, a dog, birds, and...flies...and poop. Its what I do for a living, clean poop. I work at a pet store, simplifying it down to the extreme...I manage waste, how long it sits, what it consists of, is it proper poop? is it to soft? to hard?... is there to much or to little? Is the person asking me questions worthy or responsible enough to clean this animals poop?

It all revolves around poop in the end. And in a small space....30' by 12' to be exact, poop really matters.

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