Saturday, September 13, 2008


I finally got to work on the terrariums. I decided to tackle two at once and here is my progress so far. These are the products I used...I was going to try two different types of expandable foam....but neither one of the bottles worked so....I had to make a mid project trip to walmart and bought two more cans....I still need more. I also picked up some zip ties which are not pictured here, and neither is the egg-crate....but ya'll know what that is right?

20L will be a planted fishtank, it is supposed to eventually be a stone circle with two moniliths:
After two layers of foam, about 20 min apart, wait longer and put smaller amounts if you dont want it to cave like mine did (i fixed it)

I put on two or three more layers after this pic

the 20High will be a tank sutable for newts and fish maybe, I havn't decided. But either way it is an island on stilts.

supports siliconed first:
then island layer attached and zip tied:

upper deck attached and all the zip tied joints siliconed

These are some independant decorations I am going to experiment with:

still so much to do.

I'm going to start carving tommorrow but don't know if I'll get back to walmart for more foam....we'll wait and see what hurrican Ike does.


Robby said...

wow looks like a lot of work good luck

Anonymous said...


Steve sculpts critters said...

I want to see the finished terrariums.
Drop me a line when they're done.
You like mice:
Have you seen 'Pompeii mice' on YouTube?
Truly unbelievable!