Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Once more

Upgraded the ball python to a 20 long, he is much happier now:
His former tank had an undertank heater, so I put the giant millipede in it. He was in a 10 with some frogs and skinks before and I was using a heat lamp for heat, so he will be better off without the light drying him out. I'm putting the heat lamp over the snake because he needs it more then the native animals which can handle colder weather.

The 29 after adding new light and pulling up a lot of the swords and dwarf sag on the right hand side:
I also moved my one gallon under this light since I had extra room. I've been fogetting to turn the light on since the betta died, most of the dwarf sag is still alive. Amazing what that plant can handle:
And the 20H after doing all those waterchangings and planting it:

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