Monday, February 23, 2009

APC Post

Having some problems with my large tank, so I posted a question on APC.

The pictures are kind of embarrassing because I didn't wipe algae off the inside of the glass or water spots off the outside, but hopefully i got my point across.

APC Post

Some things I have noticed:

I used to get large piles of mulm around the plants and sometimes just everywhere. I don't anymore but don't know whether to thank the MTS or the YoYo Loach. (mts= Malaysian trumpet snails)

Botia almorhae
(pic borrowed from for reference, its not mine....mine wont stay still long enough)

(pic borrowed from for reference purposes)

When I added all that extra light, it didnt really increase my algae all that much, I get a lot more green spot algae on the glass (just like it says, little bright green spots that are a bugger to scrub off and nothing seems to eat it).

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