Sunday, August 9, 2009

Garden Update 1

We will start with overviews of the three beds before we get into details and potted plants.

My first bed:

This year I have:
2 varieties of tomatoes
pees, which promptly died
cantaloupe, story to be told
a giant carrot
2 varieties of zinnias, one dwarf, one giant
white antler looking plants,Dusty Miller
snapdragons that refuse to bloom
sun impatiens
a giant onion
bell pepper plant, very successful
mexican heather
chives from last year
a grapevine I was given, it dominates the picture because it has been trained back on itself ,many times for lack of a proper trellis

Bed 2:
This year I have:
more white antler things
the Rosemary from last year that has been pruned back many times
a little white flowering plant
a mystery plant
a red mexican bell pepper plant that is beautiful
a purple vining flower that refuses to climb, clematis bees jubilee
a maiden head plant
Cosmos that have refused to bloom until now

And finally the 3rd bed, the shade bed:
many hostas
club fern
a red plant
a rescued plant that my boss almost killed
and 2 varieties of fig plant

Ya know, two days ago i could have named all of these....I will have to go look at all the little tags when its light out.

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