Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Salt water, Dec Update

A number of fortunate circumstances lead to me upgrading the saltwater tank last month, overall I'm happy with the results.

My birthday rolled around and allowed me to buy and Aquaclear 70 so I could mod it in to a refugium. A bag of black sand went on clearance at work the week before, which I saw as a sign from the heavens that this tank was ment to be a 10 gallon. The other issue was one of light, I needed to raise the tank so it would be closer to the light, so since I needed to empty it anyway, might as well up the size.

The Aqua Clear 70:
The AquaClear was by far already my favorite filter, just for its pure versatility and toughness. I've run many of these dry for hours at a time (unintentionally) and they keep on kickin'. My enthusiasm for the brand only increased when I found this mod for a nano-tank refugium on Nano-reef.com.

El Fab's Simple Guide to Pico Tanks

The link is halfway through the article at the AquaClear mod instructions. The gist of it is: Shorten the intake tube, reduce the flow by removing the tab, dissect the media basket and use the parts to make chambers and add a light for cheato.

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