Monday, January 4, 2010

Jan Saltwater Update and Additions

I'm currently battling green hair algae and cyano-bacteria, aka red-slime algae. After reducing my feedings by half, blowing the cyano off with a pipette twice daily, and increasing my water changes, the cyano problem has improved, but the hair algae is trying to take over. I've decided to take drastic action and purchase a sea hare to consume it. I'm hoping that by combining this with the twice weekly water changes I can rid the tank of algae and export the nutrients at the same time.

Things are starting to fill in nicely but I'm still not happy with the aquascaping, it just seems to bland. Click through for a larger picture.

Some new additions that I'm very happy with:

The radioactive dragon eye zoanthids I aquired a few months ago are doing well and have doubled in number and size. With out and with flash.

Its taken a lot of research, but I've finally decided on an ID for these anemones I bought two weeks ago, Rock flower anemones, Epicystis crucifer.

With the anemones I brought home this porcelain anemone crab, I just couldn't resist because he was so cute. Of course he flat out refuses to hang out with the anemones, probably just to spite me. I was fortunate enough to catch him hanging out next to the fromia star that has been hiding for the last few months. When I put the fromia in the tank he was near death with only three legs and most of his body cavity disintegrated, he has healed nicely and has begun to regrow his missing body parts.

These purple zoanthids have been a pain in my side since they were given to me by a friend. First, every appointment I made to pick them up had to be canceled because of work drama. Then, they refused to stay attached to there ceramic plug, taking half a bottle of superglue gel to stay in place. I am happy with there growth and size though, even though my lighting is not strong enough to sustain there deep purple coloration. In two weeks their skirts have turned distinctly brown.

After several months this florida ricordia still hasn't attached to anything so I took matters into my own hands. It formed two mouths soon after adding it to the tank and I'm hoping that rubber banding it in the middle will help it split faster also.

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