Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garden Additions for May

I wish I had taken pictures before I tore out the collard greens and trimmed the rosemary and lavender, they were absolutely huge.

Last year I failed miserably at cucumbers and in this bed, I've added more mulch and its holding water much better. The chives, huge onion and grapevine are left over from last year,everything else has been planted in the last month.

A friend gave me this grapevine last year, and I barely kept it alive by sticking it in here, Not optimum conditions I know, but we'll see how it does.

You can't tell, but this onion blossum is almost 4 inches across.

This is the rosemary and lavender after the trim, I got 12 huge bundles from them that are drying in the trailer. I planted two Clementius , one in dark purple and one in light purple and the trellis a couple of days ago, of course between the shock of moving and a heavy rainstorm,I didnt get a picture of the huge gorgeous blooms before the fell or were beaten off.

Backside of the same bed,looks like the lavender needs a trim again already.

I planted these onions in January and they have bulbed up nicely. Someone told me the trick this year of pulling the dirt away in order to get them to....wish I had known that last year, I would have had more then just green onions.

Last year this bed was full of elephant ears out in the open, I figured why not just go full sun and plant hostas, Needs some more, but it will have to wait till next month.

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Beth from Texas said...

Looks Good. You have been working hard.