Saturday, April 18, 2009

Drop the Bucket

I finally couldn't stay away any longer, I had to set up a saltwater tank. The only room I had left was the little ledge next to the 29, which of course has reef lighting over it, so it was perfect. I had a 5.5 that I had been keeping crickets in, an extra 10g filter, a tetra or whisper or whatever,some crushed coral and a 50 watt heater.

Since I've bought the live rock as pieces I don't know how much they weight but I guess I have about 3 pounds of base rock and 4 pounds of live-rock. The two smaller pieces are well cured and well populated with tube worms and sponges and a few nice colors of Coraline algae. The larger piece on top came in uncured but was apparently well taken care of on its trip, because it has three pieces of life leather coral still growing on it and hopefully some other live corals, but since they are stony corals it will take longer to see any growth.

Its been set up about a month and has 2 emerald crabs, 1 blue dwarf hermit crab, a margarita snail, half a starfish and two Christmas tree coral frags. At least they are supposed to be christmas tree corals, they don't look like any pictures I've found online though.

The starfish and frags were donated by a coworker.

The coraline algea is spreading nicely and the entire tank has been taken over by red algea but the crabs and snail are taking care of that nicely.

The 29 has filled in amazingly well also since the addition of the light, and this is after a trim.

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