Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tank updates, April

The 29 is still going strong and beautiful! If started adding ferts with iron (hate to do that, but it needed it) I have added two platys and a whiptail catfish and so far no deaths. The ghost shrimp have been holding massive amounts of eggs and the sword tail female dropped fry before I moved her to the 20 gal.

The 20 gal has been broken down and the sand replaced with eco-complete and replanted. Looks great, and everything is filling in nicely. Must have had some severe ammonia though because all of the guppies and the female sword tail died from fungus. So its residents are now a green sword tail male with a crooked tail that I grew from a fry, the pineapple female from the other tank, one Otto catfish and one yoyo loach. When the plants fill in more I'll add some more fish, maybe we'll try tetras again. I've also moved one of the Chilien swords(they are getting huge!), the Anibus, and some pennywort trimmings from the other tank.

The saltwater is doing well, I've resisted the urge to add a fish, I'll post about what my options will be later. The two coral frags are actually kenya trees and are finally trying to attach and growing. I was also gifted with some saltwater plants that I have no clue about, one looks like feathers and the other looks like suction cups on the ends of little stalks. One of the emerald crabs died and I havn't seen the starfish for a while, but I think I've gotten that straightened out and the water tested really well this week. I've been adding calcium and the live rock is looking amazing.

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Darksome said...

That's a 5.5 gallon tank? Just looking at your tank makes me want to set up my own. Never had a saltwater tank but it's surely always on my mind to get one.