Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Completely dropped the ball on pictures on this one, and it still isn't completed as far as a professional looking terrarium is concerned, but I accomplished what I was trying to do. So I suppose this is a test on does and don't s for terrarium construction.

Its been several months since I did anything with the Australian White's Tree Frog enclosure and it was about time I changed out the substrate. Most of the plants didn't survive my care and the ATF's abuse.

I figured I could take a few minutes and bust out a false bottom in no time....

Well, about six hours later this is what I've got.

I cable tied the stucture together and covered the entire thing with screen. Mistake one, no access panel for the pump. Mistake two, I didnt add enough stable supports and it bows in a couple of places. And I'm pretty sure the terrarium itself is leaking....but its a slow one.

I had to improvise a few times, I had no sicors, no time to let anything cure and and three different sizes of tubing, none of which fit the eco-terra mini terrarium pump I used. So why exactly does a company that builds things for reptiles to use in aquariums not use an outlet size that is compatable with the two main sizes of hosing avalable in the aqarium industry? How much sense does that make exactly?

So, we have an illfitted hose that was heated to expand around the pump outlet and a piece of airline tubing inserted into it....yeah, it leaks a bit.

I used the shell, well because I had it, and didnt have anything else that would creat a waterfall. So I used the channel in the shell to hold the airline tube. The pics don't include his vine, so of course that is shoved in there.

All and all, its shoddy, sloppy,and uggly but it works for now.

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