Friday, July 11, 2008


So four days later......the house still isn't clean, but the habitats are re homed, although some still need there dirt changed out and all of the cords need to be organized.

However all of the habitats are much more accessible, I don't have to move the turtle tank to get to the frogs or lift a bunch of things out of the way to feed the Beardies, I can feed everyone and fill water bowls and spray from my spot on the couch.
Close ups:

I came home and part of one of the beardies tails had fallen off, I'm glad, I thought I was going to have to amputate it. They are about 4 months or so old, and I am baby sitting them for a friend while she is away. The tail was dead when sh handed them off to me and although I'm pretty well versed in reptiles, I had little personal experience with bearded dragons. She is asumed that they were just picking on each other becasue they were getting older, but after soem research I discovered it was probably because of malnutrition. Either the beardies body was ridding itself of unsustainable mass or its cagemate had literally picked it to death. I upped there food intake from 5 small crickets a piece a day to 10 crickets a piece 3 times a day and reduced there salads to every other day finely chopped, when before they were constantly given whole leaves that they never really ate. There salads have also been switched up to include different greens, fruits and vegtables for variety. There growth has exploded, making the poor little dead piece of tail split time will tell if it continues to rot further up.

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