Saturday, July 12, 2008

THE List...

So I realized,

I haven't actually posted a list of what animals/habitats I actually have.

8 habitats
3 fishtanks
1 birdcage

1 dog, bluehealer/australian sheppard mix, Indiana "Indy" Rose, in kennel at night and while I'm at work adoption
1 stray cat,Miss Kitty, stays outside, hunts, adopted me
2 parakeets, Clovis and Sparks, bought at petstore
29 gal natural planted tank, 13 fish, 5 species of snails, I lost 4 fish after fumigating,12 or more species of plants
18H gal,"Blue Ram Tank" 10 or so fish,8 or so species of plants, self cured grapevine driftwood
1 gal, houses a blue betta and is my first planted tank, it has been ongoing for almost 2 years
habitat 1; 3 green anoles,3 green tree frogs 1 southern leapard frog,abandoned at work
habitat 2; Mississippi mud turtle as yet unnamed,abandoned at work
habitat 3; ball python, The General, male, abandoned at work
habitat 4; 3 south plains skinks, 2 plains leapard frogs, 1 giant jungle millipede, frogs abandoned/millipede bought
habitat 5; argintenian ornate horned frog "pacman", Creepy, planted, bought on clearance
habitat 6; 2 bearded dragons (I don't know there names) about 4 months old, baby sitting for a friend
habitat 7; 2 australian white's tree frogs, abandoned at work
habitat 8;2 hermit crabs bought over 4 years ago,2 bought about 2 years ago and 3 abandoned at work
I don't count the cricket 5gal as a habitat

I only name the animals with a lot of personality, I don't know why, I just don't have the drive to
I have in the past had a hedgehog, Skittles, which I found a home for because I found him boring, he had been abandoned at work
Willy the white cockatiel whom I loved dearly I gave up because I found a home that was better suited to him,I miss you Willy

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