Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Plan, Two 20L Aquariums

So, here was the original plan:
But this has sense been revised. I've only built the rock wall (in green), but both realizing that the dirt ( possibly a combination of eco-earth and peat moss compost) cant sit in that much water, and that I actually need a larger body of water then that. If I were to follow this plan not only would the dirt turn rancid but there would only be about 1 to 1.5 gal of water.

Rock wall, built with river stones and clear silicon:This is a pic with it only half finished. I now know I should have used black silicon because the clear silicon will yellow and the black silicon will look more natural with algea on it. There are small holes in the wall to allow water flow and hopefully for a few single stems of plants

This is closer to the new revised plan, the gravel layer is raised and only about a 1/2 inch of substrate is submerged, enough for a wick effect but not so much that causes it to rot, and not shown in the diagram, the planting shelves will be expanded to make a terracing effect. The black lines are pvc pipe, this will shorten my growing area but will increase my water volume. I will have to include soem sort fo grating that is large enought to allow fish to pass back and forth in order to hide and be more comfortable but small enough that frogs can not get accidentally traped underneath. This will give me about 5 gal of water and room to include a heater or filter possibly, therefore the grate will have to be removable. I'm thinking plexiglass cut to fit with holes drilled in it.

The two aquariums will be almost miror images in design and hopefully look like one complete terrerium with a divider. Plant placement will be completly different though.

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