Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Plant Resources

I collected these plants from The Home and Garden Center in Longview Texas, they have a spectacular aray of marginal plants, ferns, trees and flowers that I have never found at many other nurseries, many of which would make great terrarium plants, thanks to their very knowledgeable staff.

Corsican Mint: Mentha requienii
I hope to use this in th top portions of some of the terreriums where it wont get much water but plenty of humidity, it needs little soil and lots of light, mostly intense multiple wavelength light, so good for terreriums with reptile and/or reef lighting.

Side note:Links do not do justice to this plants smell, it fills the room, the slightest touch gives a super frangrant release of pleasureable scent

Peacock Moss: Selaginella uncinata
Guaranteed to do well in a terrerium, and to also sense when it is winter outside and change colors.

The next four plants:

Hosta 'Elegans': Hosta sieboldiana
Info from card: Partial shade to shade, adapts well to dry or wet conditions, 30 to 36' tall, foliage is sricking blue grey and more so in brighter light, resistant to insect damage.

asparagus fern:

This is supposed to be a variety of asparagus fern and should with proper cultivation, (ie. trimings and basicly bonsai-ing it) should create a feathery fern like leaf, but i have yet to find any documentation as such

Club Moss
:Selaginella canaliculata

So pretty, the pic doesnt do it justice, and DENSE
Creeping Jenny: Lysimachia nummularia
It was guaranteed that it would be shade loving and "swampy", i found it stashed it under plant racks in partially shaded greenhouse, all six pots were quite healthy but sparse compared to the other plants, in my opinion all things point to a shade loving marginal.

I hope to use all these in my next posted project/s, two 20L aquariums turned on end for frogs.....of various species

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