Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Plants

Bugleweed "Chocolate Chip":Ajuga x

Sun to Partial Shade, adapts to dry or moist conditions,Vigorous and disease resistant.
And it has a nice purple color that doesn't come through well in the photo.

Button Fern: Pellaea rotundifolia

it will get way to big but I needed something with more hieght.

I found these at the garden center, the next ones came from Petco.

Im pretty sure the one on the far left is a bromeliad, and I have another one in with the Austrailian White's Tree Frogs, its in sad shape but will live. I thought the red in the two taller plants would go well the the purple colors in the bungleweed and the hosta and the bright light green of some of the other plants.I'm keeping the plants that will get to big for the terreriums to a minimum but I need there hieght and textures to add more variety. I would also like to incorporate some lucky bamboo, its strength will come in handy in the AWTF enclosure. The Anoles,Skinks, and Green Tree Frogs are a lot lighter and wont cause any problems with the more delicate plants.

The plants that require less water and more light like the mint , will be located near the top and shade plants will be located under other plants or closer to the water to compensate.

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